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Thought we could use a thread to meet and discuss issues pertaining to such a lovely place as this. Seems there are a fair share of "Mainah's" on the forum.

I'm down in the Portland area. Still have gennies at Sam's in Scarborough. Interesting to hear about Johnny' Selected rationing. We can grow wheat in this State and this summer would be a good time to start practicing for that.

Roll call??

-- David (ConnectingDots@Information.Net), March 17, 1999


Hi David. You may find this thread from yesterday interesting. <:)=

State of Maine to buy rice and beans?

-- Sysman (, March 17, 1999.

Thank you Sysman, I did see and posted MHO on that. Sounds like some frustrated reps trying to get some press. I hope they can spin this up good and get people here moving.

-- David (ConnectingDots@Information.Net), March 17, 1999.

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