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I was just wondering how Casey met the owner of Leo's Place in Harvard Square because the owner is a good friend of my familys and so I was just curious.

-- Chantal Marsoubian (, March 17, 1999


When did they meet? Can't you just ask "Leo" (or whatever the owner's name might be) for the story?


-- Webmaster (, March 17, 1999.

Casey met the owner of Leo's Place...probably because he has been there before...before anyone knew who he was. I mean, he did grow up in Cambridge. He hung out in Harvard Square at times, I'm sure. Also, Ben says it is the best place in boston for a cheeseburger and a first kiss so.....if his bro knows the place, he must too....But really, why not ask the owner?

-- matilda (, March 29, 1999.

Hey, fellow Harvard Sq. junky here. Umm, I read in some Boston Entertainment mag that Casey met him through Matt Damon. I dunno, or some other childhood friend.

-- Katt (, March 17, 2000.

If I'm not mistaken, the owner of Leo's works right there behind the counter. I used to work in "The Garage" across the street from there.

-- Casie Starling (, July 11, 2000.

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