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So....... Any neighbors on here I don't know already? Anybody local want to talk?

Regards, Art

-- Art Welling (, March 17, 1999


Well, Art, all depends on definition of neighbor. If we were living in Texas, California or Florida, being four hours from you might still qualify, even though we're in a different state? Plus, we lived in Philadelphia for some years and have lots of friends there, including a few GIs. Another regular here is nearer to you but I'll let them speak for themselves if they wish.

This reminds me of a bet I lost, some years ago:

Can all of New England and New York be placed within ANY of the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado or Utah (I think I have this right). My instant response was, are you kidding? NO way.

Wrong. The answer was, easily.

-- BigDog (, March 17, 1999.

I live over near Hanover, so I'm sorta a neighbor.

I've seen little sign that people are Getting It around here. Hanover always has been 5 years behind the times, it seems. :)

Good for me in that supplies are easy to get, bad for me in that there will be alot of unprepared people, come 1/2000. May need more ammo and more food for essential neighbors. :(

-- Bill (, March 17, 1999.

Yo, all Hanoverians (ites?) accounted for sir! OK, so I'm a half mile outside Hanover in Penn Township, but that's close enough.

-- David (, March 17, 1999.

We're big Dutch Valley fans for many, not all, supplies. Do you guys use them?

-- BigDog (, March 17, 1999.

Art, I have parents in East Petersburg, PA and a sister in Pequea, PA. I married and relocated (dislocated) in 1970 to "bayou country." Just for the record all are GI's and are busy preparing. They haven't found any y2k interest on the community level. However, my sister is a nurse and she said there is alot of interest at the hospital that she works an in Lancaster.

One of their chief concerns is TMI. In our morning paper we have an article stating that: "An eager buyer is snapping up Three Mile Island's healthy reactor, in the first sale in U.S. history of a nuclear power plant in its entirety." I'm not sure they will see that as good news or not.

Anyway, it's nice to know that someone from Amish country visits this forum. Lancaster is beautiful country and the Amish are fine examples of an independent society. Surely they will be able to weather y2k and be of assistance to their neighbors.

-- Carol (, March 17, 1999.

David, I'm over in Manheim township, a few more miles from Hanover, but still nearby. Nice to talk to ya neighbor.

Notice any sigh of GIs around? I surely haven't. I know a couple who are well aware, but don't seem to be doing much about it (or they lie well... :)

-- Bill (, March 18, 1999.

Hello Neighbors!

I'm from Hanover, moved to the caledonia area. My biggest concern is not with the general population, it's that training ground outside of Harrisburg. Good to know some people from my area are awake!


-- R. Wright (, March 18, 1999.

Well well....... Howdy neighbors!

Nice to see a few others around this area are checking in to this forum. I know a few more that are not I-net people who are getting ready, some of them quite serious about it.

Cajun Carol: Your sister and we are practically neighbors. If she wishes she could give us an E-mail or whatever. Some things are easier to work together on as we have found with friends who are also preparing. As a nurse she has a very special value to us.... if she wishes. So far we have met only a few medical people in this area who are aware and prepping.

Big Dog: I do enjoy your posts, keep 'em coming! As for neighbor's and what they are, well....whatever works. Neighbors are people who live close enough to help each other by my definition. That means our buddies over in Paradise township qualify as 'neighbors' right now. If transportation goes kaput, then it changes. I have driven 1000 miles to help a friend, and vice versa, does that make us neighbors? Whatever works!

Bill: I run a car repair shop on Columbia Ave just West of Lancaster. Got more than a few customers giving me Manhiem address's. Course we specialize a bit so sometimes people travel further to get here.

Awareness in this area is as good as any I have heard of. Supplies are still easy to get, excepting a few things. I can lay my hands on 25 generators in an hour, and a truckload of woodstoves if I wished. Now, these places are well aware of Y2K and the supply is partially there BECAUSE of Y2K demand. These stores are not run by stupid people, they see a demand and meet it. I can go to Sam's club or Wal Mart today and bring home all the rice/beans/whatever you can afford. But.... I meet lots of people who are worried and getting ready.

My E-mail address is a real one..if anyone local wants to get in touch. Art

-- Art Welling (, March 18, 1999.


My friend Faith Weaver (a long time Yourdon regular) has a Y2K awareness web site and does a lot of community work in Beaver County. She has lists of local groups forming and preparing. You can find her here:

Beaver County, PA Preparedness

-- Donna Barthuley (, March 18, 1999.

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