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First the Europeans waste their time and resources instituting the Euro. They could have waited until after 2004 and spent the time on Y2k. Now they fire all 20 members of the EU executive.

What is going on here?

-- Incredulous (, March 17, 1999


What's going on, in the broadest possible terms, is that incompetence, netpotism, and possible corruption and frinancial fraud have been uncovered. In addition, there is something of a power struggle between the commission (excutive, appointed not elected), and the EU parliament (legislature, elected) which has been running for years. This matter has bought things to a head, and everyone is talking about reform. IMHO, about bloody time!

At the risk of sounding sharp, wasn't the USA engaged in something rather similar until recently? Something to do with "inappropriate relations" (and far worse things alleged by some sources).

Doubtless both a distraction from Y2K, but frankly the bigwigs involved ceased to have much relevance many months ago. If it's not being actioned at a much more local level by now, it's too late to start.

-- Nigel Arnot (, March 17, 1999.

I must agree with our UK friend here. Zippergate has held this country hostage for almost a year. Then there is chinagate, filegate, rapegate, upyourbuttgate, on, and on, and on. The biggest event to hit human history is nine months away, and a blue dress gets more attention.

Got priorities?

-- SCOTTY (, March 17, 1999.

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