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We just heard on our local news about the National Guard being trained for the wars expected in the near future. They expect that these future wars will be faught within the large cities. Time to move!

-- linda (, March 16, 1999


What Community? What station?

-- Watchful (, March 16, 1999.

NPR Morning Edition did a report on this Tuesday Morning. Check out

-- All Ears (, March 17, 1999.

The black copters were flying just north of pittsburgh last night. (1999-03-16) Dark and Looooooooooooooooow. Got night vision?

-- SCOTTY (, March 17, 1999.

...I heard they were stuffed with UN troops they picked up at the Mexican border and were scouring the countryside looking for GIs. You see, it is only the superior GI mentality that will thwart the NWO from rounding up the sheeple to put in those large concentration camps. Elimination of the GI is essential for them to succeed. To the bunkers GIs, to the bunkers...

-- Smart Guy (, March 17, 1999.

This was in Minneapolis on the local CBS affiliate (KMSP). I have been reading about the plans to get the Guard ready for whatever may happen, but this is the first I have heard the media actually report on what they "expect" to happen. I hope I am far enough away from what they consider a large city that I don't ever see any of them.

-- linda (, March 17, 1999.

I went to the site but found nothing concerning the NG. Please give an URL for this story.

-- Linda A. (, March 17, 1999.

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