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Last year it was the Euro, now they're going after Latin America. They may end up just using plain old U.S. greenbacks. Then, the Asian continents will unite their currencies. My guess is that within 10 years these 3 major areas, Europe, the Americas, and Asia will share the same currency. Once they've got the world tied together financially, the powerful elite leaders will join together to rule the entire planet with one organization, the New World Order. Say farewell to the final days of diversity!

-- @ (@@@.@), March 16, 1999


This is BS. They cannot and will not effect my community...why are you posting this on a Y2K forum? Breathe. I think Y2K will be a 5-8 on a 10 scale, and I'm breathing...relax......prepare.

-- Donna Barthuley (, March 16, 1999.


If you can't see the connection between this progression toward a New World Order and the way that Y2K is being handled by our governments, then you must either be living on Mars or as naive as the DGIs.

-- @ (@@@.@), March 16, 1999.

Why do people fear that sort of thing? Consider that since 1945 there are literally hundreds of "new" nations, each demanding their own sovereignty, and sacrificing the teenagers of their country to get it. While I am not stupid enough to believe some intellectuals or bankers are smart enough to bring peace and security, a more unified world is after all, a more peacable one. Whenever there is an all powerful hegemony, as, for instance, was Great Britain when she used "gunboat" diplomacy in the late 1800's, there were few conflicts and no great loss of life due to war. Today, the case is opposite..there are countless political upheavals and great loss of life, untold suffering...if a few intellectuals are trying to bring order, what of it? Again..the real issue at hand isn't the "new world order" man brings. It is an illusion...he can't do it. And no doubt in that attempt some freedoms in this country may be lost...However, the real issue is when man finally brings himself close to brink of self and earth annhilation. That is when God steps in. New world order will only help fulfill prophecy. Take each day, one at a time...and seek the real government that will answer restless mankind's woes....God's Kingdom....!!!

-- rick shade (, March 16, 1999.

Unless you have some sort of proof of this statement (and I dont mean Pat Robertson), quit being a fear monger....

-- PurpleDonkey (, March 16, 1999.

Don't forget about the Illuminati!

-- Decloaking, but just for a moment (, March 17, 1999.

If the banks collapse, there will be no currency and therefore no new world order. Put your mind at ease and concentrate on building resilient communties, resilient to governmental oppression, looting, starvation, famine, disease, but not necessarily an anthrax attack by a rogue group of terrorists preying on a weak AmeriKa driven to third world status by corrupted computer breakdowns and world economic devastation.


-Banding Skinner

-- Banding Skinner (, March 17, 1999.

The new world order is about 50 yrs old so what's new?? The best way to keep the sheeple on board is the democratic system. With so many ignorant voters, they can almost do as they please. Illuminati? Think not, but I would look at fortune 500 and see how they benefit from our politicians moves. Euro is backed partially by gold standard, therefore will do quite well against our cotton dollar.

Why do communicators on this board bitch about the US gov. handling of Y2k? Think about it. Do you really want them to take care of it? Maybee pass some more laws to baby sit us? I would rather see them just ignore the whole damn thing. Let the Irs fall. Let all their welfare programs fall. Y2k =6 another fine depression folks, then the owners can aquire more, and the herd?? Obey

-- R. Wright (, March 17, 1999.

If the banks collapse, there will be no currency and therefore no new world order.

That's right. You'll have to be approved and numbered with an embedded chip in your arm or at least have a one-world card. All "money" you may earn while doing a government approved job will be on electronic records only. No more money paper (the govt. has been trying to implement this for YEARS, but didn't know quite how to get the public to accept it -- TIL NOW!!!).. Now it will be forced on us and we will be forced to accept the situation. Read the bible. It is what has been written for 1000's of years. You won't be able to buy or trade unless you have the mark of the beast. Who said the 666 wouldn't be an electronic card they track your every electronic money transaction with? You are just as marked. AND, if you don't accept this way of commerce.....weeeellllll, YOU DON"T BUY OR TRADE.

Just as it has been told in the BIBLE for all to see Karen

-- karen (, March 17, 1999.


Just come see me when you get ready to buy or sell. We don't need no steenkin' Mark.

Not making fun of you- just trying to add a little humor to what may become a serious situation. But there have always been black markets, and there will always be as long as there are things people want or need and governments trying to keep people from getting them. Some things never change. Just adjust yourself to the idea that you may eventually be a criminal in the eyes of unjust Law and you'll do fine. Always do the right thing, and remember there are no right reasons to do wrong things, even for governments.

And @,

Remember that legitimate governments draw their power from the consent of the governed, whether they be local, state, national or multinational. Governments cannot manufacture or force consent. Go back to the writings of out Founders and those who provided their philosophical underpinnings and seek wisdom there. And do not ever forget that our individual rights are God-granted and Constitutionally guaranteed, that they far outstrip any measly weasely 'human rights' that governments or multinational organizations mouth on about, and don't ever let anyone else forget it either.


-- (li', March 17, 1999.

Uh, some of you people are really ... out there. Really. Get some help, or at least lay off the talk-radio. Maybe you could go get worked up over the homosexual-agenda-promoting Teletubbies, or go find the mass grave where CLinton's buried all of his enemies. You know, find issues that are just as fanciful and ridiculous, but with less likelyhood of you hurting yourselves. Because, the kind of paranoia you're sporting now is going to cause you to make some really stupid economical decisions, and I'm pretty sure that some of you, at least, have families depending on you.

-- Jim (, March 17, 1999.

"While the unanimous vote by the Senate and the likely withdrawal of the "Know Your Customer" proposal at the FDIC are developments worth cheering about, they will represent nothing more than temporary victories for freedom and constitutional rights. The government will be back. There will be new attempts to find out how you are spending the small amount of money your "public servants" permit you to keep. When you least expect it, they will be back in your pocket and snooping in your private affairs once again."

This does not bother you? You people are willing to give up your freedoms one at a time until you have nothing left? I cannot believe what is happening to the mind and soul of humanity. The only thing that seems to matter anymore is instant gratification.

-- @ (@@@.@), March 17, 1999.

I doubt the world's economies are homogeneous enough yet to support a common currency. Otherwise, not a bad idea when the time comes.

-- Flint (, March 17, 1999.

"Remember that legitimate governments draw their power from the consent of the governed, whether they be local, state, national"

Oh really? I don't remember being given an opportunity to vote on whether or not I think we should deploy our National Guard during Y2K.

-- @ (@@@.@), March 17, 1999.

"the kind of paranoia you're sporting now is going to cause you to make some really stupid economical decisions,"

Yeah, and my decision to go along with giving 1/3 of my hard earned paycheck to the government, who has my best interest at heart is really a good one too.

Uh, huh.

-- karen (, March 17, 1999.


Do you truly believe that the public should micromanage government decisions, voting on each one? Talk about being ruled by opinion polls! The very idea gives me hives.

-- Flint (, March 17, 1999.


Excellent idea! Get rid of all politicians. I think there should be a site on the internet, where every American citizen could vote on everything we want our government employees to do. If you don't cast your vote by the specified deadlines, then you'll miss your opportunity, but at least the people will be permitted to have some say in what happens to our taxes and our country.

-- @ (@@@.@), March 17, 1999.


You haven't gotten rid of the politicians, you've just changed who they are.

And I think it's clear that y2k would never have been addressed whatsoever if your 'excellent idea' were implemented. Would we have voted to tax ourselves to fix a problem nobody ever heard of, few could understand, and fewer even believe exists?

Just one example of excellence in practice.

-- Flint (, March 17, 1999.


If most people voted to take the money that we are using to pay the politicians, the Kenneth Starrs, and thousands of other worthless corrupt bureaucrats, and use it on computers, they could have been fixed with plenty of money left over. Not to mention the ungodly amount of money that we will spend on this National Guard deployment, and our entire military budget in general. There is PLENTY of money to do what this country needs, it's just being used in all the wrong places, because that's what politicians do. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

-- @ (@@@.@), March 17, 1999.

Oh, by the way, this is supposed to be a government for the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, so if we make the PEOPLE the politicians, that's the way it was meant to be. Try writing a letter to your Congressman and see what kind of results you get. Your odds are better of winning the lottery than the chance that he will even READ your letter, let alone DO anything about it!

-- @ (@@@.@), March 17, 1999.

Karen ... There has been , in place since 1981, a giant computer in Brussels (?) that move the great sums of money exchanged each day for debt balancing between countries AND individuals. It was nicknamed " The Beast". ALL those wishing to use it have before AND after their account numbers , 666. Learned this in 81 as I was dating a bank officer, and brought up the subject of world money transfers, without jnjecting a religous angle. Eagle ... Corcling ... AWARE !!

-- Harold Walker (, March 17, 1999.


A little reading comprehension time. Yes, IF that money had been spent on computers, the problem would have been cut off at the pass. And how would we decide to spend it that way? By people voting to spend it that way? Joke. We'd have voted ourselves new cars.

-- Flint (, March 17, 1999.

Karen ... You only give 1/3 of your money to the state/fed parasites ? What state is that ?? I want to move there NOW !!! In the state of CT and allowing for taxes seen and unseen , Governments take over 53% of your money. Records were carefully kept in the south for all slaves. The BEST return on any slave ( counts all he AND all his children, etc produced) was a 12% return on his cost ! The federal/state/local slave owners now have us returning at TRIPLE that rate. Is it any wonder they wanted a national health system to make sure those slaves aren't out sick ONE DAY !!! Eagle

-- Harold Walker (, March 17, 1999.


You're underestimating the integrity of the American people. We don't need politicians to be our babysitters and do our thinking for us. If we did things the way the PEOPLE want, we could resolve our problems and still have new cars.

-- @ (@@@.@), March 17, 1999.


Integrity is one thing, education is quite another. How would the people even know to vote on this issue? The media will tell them? Joke. The media is Mitch Ratcliffe and Stewart Alsop.

So people will vote to fix it based on what?

As H.L. Mencken wrote, "Nobody every went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

Mencken was a journalist. Dig?

-- Flint (, March 17, 1999.

That's easy - the people would decide that fixing the computers is more important than buying 5000 more tomahawk missiles to shoot at IRAQ. Simple decision, no politicians required.

-- @ (@@@.@), March 17, 1999.

Harold, being a sole-proprietorship has a "few" benefits! ;-) (Lots more headaches, though).

Oh, and about Brussels.... the computer system to be aware of. Any computer system in the world can be hooked into the mother computer in Luxembourg, whose major links are located in Brussels, Belgium. Note: Brussels is the headquarters of the Common Market nations and NATO.


-- karen (, March 17, 1999.

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