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I've heard there are a couple of different types of elwood enlarger, and I am looking for small type of elwood enlarger for 8 x 10 (the one which was made of wood with metal column) If anybody know anyplace where I can get the enlarger, please let me know, and also I like to know approximate price of the enlarger on the used market, please tell me. (It' around 400 dallers, right?) ANAUSAGI

-- ANAUSAGI (doorthree@yahoo.com), March 16, 1999


Lens & Repro in NYC often has one, and they get about $700 for them. I bought mine 20 years ago, also used, for $350. My Aristo cold-light that I use on the Elwood, blew up two weeks ago, and Aristo called today without a diagnosis [I sent it to them] but with the news that repair was going to be $450. I told them to junk it, because a new one will be only $100 more. All of which is to say, you're going to need a cold-light source [ new $550] and a 300mm lens [used $350]. The good part is, used enlarger lenses can be had cheap on EBay auctions, but 8x10 Aristo are very hard to find used. I know, I've said more than you asked, but there is more to enlarging 8x10 than just the enlarger. Best wishes.

-- Dick Fish (dfish@javanet.com), March 17, 1999.

photomall.com go there for elwood. With all due respect Dick... Did you know that L&R in nyc is out of the darkroom?!?. The large format "stomping grounds" not only stopped selling darkroom stuff, but they also stopped selling 8x10 FILM!!!. As you know they still sell many lenses. What is this world coming to ???

-- richard (richardwarren@rcn.com), March 22, 1999.

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