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What happens to the ecomomy and our jobs as the public fears increase? The insurance companies who insure the factories the airlines, ships, grocery stores, large buildings, loss of production insurance, etc. Will they cancel policies? Will stores close before Y2K happens? Will the airlines be grounded for lack of insurance? Will the insurance be cancelled on grocery stores, for fear that the mobs will destroy the facility? Will factories be shut down before y2k happens so that all water lines can be drained, all equipment that has cooling water, drained. All boilers, chillers cooling towers, fire protection systems, water pumping systems will have to be drained. If there are painting and plating facilities, what will they do with these solutions? They can't dump them down the drain. These things will determine how long you will work this year.

-- jd (, March 16, 1999


Buy your own living insurance now!

-- Watchful (, March 18, 1999.

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