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03/16 17:41 New York City Fire Dept. not ready for Y2K - report

NEW YORK, March 16 (Reuters) - New York City's Fire Department has no formal contingency plans for the Y2K computer problem, placing more than seven million residents at risk from possible delays in sending out fire trucks, the city comptroller warned Tuesday.

Comptroller Alan Hevesi also said the Fire Department was the only city agency of seven audited to be rated "doubtful" in its efforts to solve the computer problem, and said it lacks the technical staffers needed to fix the bug.

"The back-up contingency plans... are manual, and therefore failure to complete remediation of them could directly affect the lives of city citizens due to dispatching delays," he concluded in a new report.

The Fire Department agreed to improve its effort to document contingency plans. Acknowledging it was having trouble recruiting computer experts, the agency also said it had gotten approval to pay new hires more than the minimum amount for their titles.

Other city agencies recently audited did better, and it appeared that New York City employees would not have to cope with late paychecks when the new year begins.

Payroll administration won a rating of 'very good' from Hevesi for its work, while good ratings were assigned to the Department of Aging, Citywide Administrative Services, the Department of Employment and the Department of Mental Health.

Fair ratings were achieved by the Buildings Department and a union benefits fund.


I wonder how high a hand pumper could throw water??


-- Ray (, March 16, 1999



-- Steve Hartsman (, March 16, 1999.

Steve, here is the link:

New York City Fire Dept. not ready for Y2K - report


-- Ray (, March 16, 1999.

The full text of some of these audits were posted a while back.

Scary. Z6

-- Lewis (, March 17, 1999.

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