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Hi! I know we have a lot of really intelligent GI's here who have been working the Y2K issue far longer than I have.

So....I have built up my medical supplies and I would like to ask the question for myself and others who have recently begun their overall supply buildups, "What do you think is the mostly likely critical medical supply that I have probably not added to my supplies due to naive oversight?"

Thanks in advance for your responses. Sincerely, Apple

-- Apple (, March 16, 1999


The #1 item I wish I had access to (for my parents) is a very strong narcotic (like demerol), but I'll rule that out as not being available. Beyond that, I see the main problems (again, thinking about the vulnerabilities of my parents) being either preventing or treating unsanitary conditions and exposure to illness. I was thinking my answer to you would be broad spectrum antibiotics or a balanced electrolyte solution or providing for clean water or sanitation. Since you want something you might have overlooked (tough on this forum), I'm going to go with the ability to provide for quarantine. To me, that could mean denying my neighbors access into my home if my parents are there, unless the neighbors can convince me that they are in excellent health and their grandkids haven't reinfected them. That is contrary to my original notion, and what I commonly hear on these forums, that larger family units are likely to squeeze together under the same roof at rollover. How are you going to control infection and disease spreading to the very young and elderly under those conditions? I may have plenty of food, but space could be a luxury.

-- Brooks (, March 16, 1999.

check out the post from 3/14- Libby Alexander- what med supplies are you storing- lots of good stuff there

-- anita (, March 16, 1999.

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