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CNN interview with John Koskinen, aired Mar 12, 1999. Full transcript here.

(snip) LIN: Now we've heard that the federal government is pretty much ready for Y2K. How do the state governments stand at this point? KOSKINEN: I think the vast majority of the states are making great progress. We are concerned about a handful of states that either got started late or have assigned this a lower priority. And one of the reasons for our meeting today -- we'll have close to 40 states meeting with us at this summit -- is to compare notes and to figure out how we can continue to work together to make sure everybody's ready, because 90 percent's not good enough for us. We need every state to be prepared to run these programs. LIN: Yes. Which states are not prepared? KOSKINEN: Well, at this point, we haven't put out a list. We're actually trying to do an assessment with the federal agencies who manage these programs working with the states to determine the level of their progress.


To see how your state is doing check out the NASIRE (National Association of State Information Resource) site. (All states have not reported) Scroll down and click on "On-Line Survey of Y2K Remediation in the States Up to date survey on where states stand in their Y2K remediation efforts".

Or click here to go directly to Y2K Remediation Results by State.

-- flb (, March 16, 1999


flb-Thanks for the state results site. I have been trying to find something, anything on what Oklahoma is doing. I read the results and still don't know much. Here's the letter I e-mailed to the guy who updated the survey. I hope he answers. Thanks again, Linda

Mr. Stillwell:

I was wondering if you might be able to elaborate on the Year 2000 Remediation Results Survey for the State of Oklahoma? More specifically:

-What is the state's "plan for addressing the Y2K problem?"

-Is there a web-site where I might find the governor's executive order, charter and/or pronouncement of commitment to complete Y2K remediation?

-Who is in "charge of a Y2K organizational structure/governing entity?"

-If only 25% of 'to-be-remediated' mission critical systems are under the responsibility of the CIO office or head IT agency, who has responsibility for the rest of the mission critical systems to be remediated?

-Can you give me a break-down, by agency, of the percentages listed in question 4 of the survey? and a related question;

-Since the agency are self-reporting, how do you know whether these figures are correct? And;

-Can you tell me WHICH mission critical systems are not compliant?

-What is the state's contingency plan?

I would appreciate your reply to my questions on this subject. Thank you,

-- newbiebutnodummy (, March 16, 1999.

What am I missing ?? Ct has implimented 65% (i.e. defined as " Those activities required to return a modified system or renovated process to production ".) However, they list 70% of the critical systems as compliant and 85% in renovation . HELP ! Does this ADD UP ??? Eagle

-- Harold Walker (, March 16, 1999.

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