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I'm an architect and architectural photographer using the new Linhof M679. In the search for the right digital back for my kind of work, 90 % on location, is there any recommendations and/or experiences with one shots backs connected to laptop computer in the field, I'm a little concern about batterilife ex. The chipsize on the back should preferable be 6x6, and fit hasselblads. If anyone have questions regarding the Linhof M679 Ive be glad to help.

regards Adam Mxrk

-- Adam Mxrk (, March 16, 1999


I would go to the PEI forum and ask the moderator there, who's name is Andrew Rodney. He's one of the more knowledgeable people about digital products in the country.

The PEI website is at:

Your question may already be answered in one of the discussion forums. If not, ask it and/or email Andrew Rodney directly. . . . I was on their website last week, and was having some problems getting into the main discussion forum. Hopefully they've fixed it. If not, keep trying; it'll be worth the wait.

-- Howard Slavitt (, March 16, 1999.

From my conversations with the makers of the Better Light scanning digital back I found that the scan area on their backs is 72mm x 96mm. Probably too big for your camera. But their backs can be used in the field. I found them to be very helpful, so you may want to get in contact with them at:

Sinar offers three digital backs, all with adapters to fit Hasselblad: The Sinar back (24x24mm,2048x2048 pixel CCD); the Leaf Volare (24x36mm, 2048x3072 pixel CCD); and the Leaf DCB II Live (31x31mm,2048x2048 pixel CCD). Unfortunately all of the Sinars are AC and not battery driven.

-- Ellis (, March 16, 1999.

The M579 takes backs up to 6x9cm. If you use the Hasselblad adapter the M679 takes any film or digital back that fits a Hasselblad. Same if you use the Mamiya adapters, etc.

Most users of the M679 that have been using digital have been using the Phase One backs. You might want to contact Phase One.

We have had no reports from owners of the M679 using backs other than Phase One, Dicomed or Kod

-- bob salomon (, March 16, 1999.

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