Busch presssman Model-D as LF starter..

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Is Busch pressman model-d 4x5 camera a good LF beginner? Thanks

-- G.R.Reddy (rrgudur@krdl.org.sg), March 15, 1999


I had a Pressman Model for about six months. It is an excellent camera, but far too heavy to carry on long hikes. If you're using it near your car it will do fine. The only problem is finding lens boards as they were proprietary to the Pressman series.

-- Darron Spohn (dspohn@clicknet.com), March 16, 1999.

The Busch Pressman model D is an excellent way to get into large format at low cost, and it's versatile enough for starting out. I don't consider it heavy at all....in fact, it's probably lighter weight than most of the metal field cameras. The only problem may be finding one in good enough condition. The bellows may need replacing on most examples. Don't worry about the rangefinder; it was useful when the camera was used as a press camera in the 1950's but it will only work with one lens and is not very useful in a field camera. There are no movements on the back, but you can drop the bed which will give you the equivalent of a rear tilt. The lens board has horizontal shift, rise, and tilt (no swing). Very sturdy, and one of the nicest features is the rotating back for changing from horizontal to vertical. I sometimes use my Wista, and sometimes the Busch. I like them both! David

-- David L. DuPuy (dupuy@rockbridge.net), March 16, 1999.

A friend of mine had a Busch Pressman and it is well made and would do the job. The problem is lenses. The Busch has tiny lensboards and the opening to the bellows is very small. My thoughts on "beginner" LF cameras is basically to buy the best glass you can and then dump the camera when a better on come by, while keeping the lenses. I have an old Symmar 210 convertable and eyeballing the hole suggests that it would fit; yet another friend's friend's 210 Nikkor just won't - the rear element group is too big to fit inside of the Busch.

So check out the lenses you want to use on the Busch before you buy.

-- David Grandy (dgrandy@accesscable.net), March 17, 1999.

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