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I keep hearing this "WHite BOok" noted in most of these Messages. WHat is the white book , and where can I get it? -Robyn

-- Robyn Huizar (, March 15, 1999


"Whitebook" is the standard for pressed Video CDs. A long time ago when Compact Discs were first invented there were many standards. Eventually they all culminated into the "Red Book" audio cd called because of the color of the binder presented to the ISO9660 forum. Soon Phillips would develop the "Green Book" standard, used for movies encoded in the properiatary CD-I format. this worked for a while but people wanted something more universal. The "Green Book" led to the "Whitebook" which is what the video cds (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, SVCD, CVCD, etc.) are commited to be. You can get a copy of the video cd standard through a search. However you can not get a physical copy of the "Whitebook." Other formats include the "Orange Book" used for cd+g, Cd-Roms with Audio tracks, Enhanced CDs and "Yellow Book" which is for CD ROMS only.

-- t (, March 16, 1999.

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