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I was invited by another poster to this group to make this notice.

On March 19-21st, 1999 in Indianapolis, Indiana one of the largest show of knives, military surplus, and preparedness items will be held. It's called the Indy 1500 and it's at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Times are Fri 2-9pm, Sat & Sun 9-5.

Please accept this open invitation for Saturday, March 20th,1999 to join me and my wife at a nearby restaurant at approximately 4 pm for an informal dinner, general discussion and good time. We think it'd be a great opportunity to meet, eat and discuss lots of different topics relating to survival and preparedness.

In January, we held the first informal preparedness munch for members of the misc.survivalism/alt.survival newsgroups (but it's not necessary that you even read the newsgroups, it's sorta open to everyone). We had a very interesting round-table type discussion that covered many topics about Y2K and preparedness in general. In attendance were people from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, electricians, trauma surgeons and other medical personnel and even the dreaded computer programmers (whom we almost lynched, but decided we were having too good a time to find some rope). It was truly interesting to see the broad cross-section of society that was present and everyone had something to contribute to the discussions. The "munch" was held at a restaurant in a private (even though people kept walking in on us) room and we felt pretty free to let our discussions wander a bit.

No-one was recruited for any groups, no-one was asked if they wanted to join a multi-level-marketing program and no one was hurt (not even the programmers). But we did find out a lot of information about what may (or may not) happen as a result of Y2K. We did find the constant whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of the Black Helicopters circling the restaurant a bit annoying but after we were zapped a couple of times with HAARP rays we felt much better, thank you.

There is no fee for attending, save for the meal which is up to you if you want to eat (there may be a small additional fee charged to the meal for the private room, but it will be nominal and charged by the restaurant, not anyone at the munch). We will again choose a buffet-style restaurant to allow for a variety of diets from regular to Vegans. We will probably go for a different restaurant if we can find one with a private room that is as easy to locate as the last restaurant.

We do ask for a RSVP before attending to get a good headcount.

We are starting a bit earlier than last time (which was 6 pm) because the restaurant closed at 10 and some people had to leave due to long travel times. If there is a demand, we may even move the time back to around 2 pm, but since some of the people who attended the last munch actually were exhibitors of the show, we want to include them, as well. I know that some people emailed me afterwards and stated that they wished we had more time to get a little deeper into some of the discussions, so we will try to accomodate.

Both my wife and I gathered some good info in the 3-4 hours we all talked. It was nice to see educated, concerned people that shattered the media stereotype of the camo-clad, paranoid survivalist preparing for Y2K. In fact, I don't think anyone wore camo at all.

Any recommendations on how to schedule/administer the munch will be appreciated and considered. Again, the last munch was conducted in a round-table style with myself as the quasi-M.C. If someone wants to request that specific topics be covered, please let me know and I'll see if we can work them in..

Indy is a large city with numerous hotels and motels for those so inclined to stay overnight on Saturday. Let us know if you're staying overnight and we can see what hotels fit your budget.

Maybe we can have some fun, make some friends and do some networking to solve any problems or overcome some preparedness difficulties.

If interested, drop me a line via email and we'll add you to the list as well as sending you out the specific information.

There may be one more notice on Thursday night about the munch.

Hope to see you there!!

Geoffrey L. Hardin,

-- Geoffrey L. Hardin (, March 15, 1999



Please let us know your observations about the show and the nature of the merchants and the attendees.

All Best wishes,

-- Watchful (, March 20, 1999.

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