A taxing problem for Israel.

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A taxing problem

Failure to meet a Y2K-upgrade deadline has snarled the tax-collection process in Israel, according to a March 9 Associated Press report.

Y2K-compliant software needed by January 1, 1999 wasn't ready, forcing clerks to use handwritten forms and permits. In some cases, the lack of proper forms has led to workers having 50 percent of their pay deducted for income tax. Tax advisers and accountants sometimes have been unable to access their clients files.

The end may be in sight. Upgraded, Y2K-friendly software is almost ready and is being tested in four of Israel's 35 tax offices, according to the AP.

Makes ya wonder! Tman...

-- Tman (Tman@IBAgeek.com), March 15, 1999



Caught a squib (they tried to be funny) on MSNBC today about this. The y2k compliant program supposed to be ready now----doesn't work. The deadline now is June 1, 1999.

They didn't say why it wouldn't work. They were too busy trying to be funny about the taxes. (Whole thing about 7-8 seconds)

-- Lobo (Hiding@woods.com), March 16, 1999.

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