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I have an MRC Command 2000 system, but am contemplating switching to Digitrax. Each time I attempt to run a train with brass passenger equipment I get a dead short and experience a shut down of power at the first turnout the train passes. Sometimes, if I am lucky, the train will not kick out the circuit breaker but it will hesitate when running through turnouts. Is there a fix for this problem?

-- Frank Waring (, March 15, 1999


Frank--the problem is not the MRC unit, its either your loco or turnout or the combination of the two. When the loco goes through the turnout it is creating a short that shuts down your system--this will happen no matter which system you own. First, check all your flangeways, and point rails with the loco sitting on them to see if you can spot the place where the short is occuring--there will probably be arc pits on the spot where the short occurs. Then make sure your loco wheels are in gage. If you cnant find the problem read Allan's turnout page and find yours. See if its DCC Friendly or not. If not make the modifications--that should do it.

-- Larry Puckett (, March 15, 1999.

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