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Hi everyone, I just got done reading an article from E.L. Core from the Westergarrd site. Excellent article regarding the Senators and other governmental officials quotes regarding Y2K. The article is long but well worth taking a look. This Core person really put things in perspective regarding the continual play on words, changing stories regarding the seriousness of y2k and now trying to downplay it. Please take a look. I was impressed. Here is the site, I don't know how to hot link - Bay

-- Bay (, March 15, 1999



I can't make that address work. Is there a typo in it anywhere. Maybe I"M making the typo. I'll check it again. Thanks

-- Linda (, March 15, 1999.


-- Arnie Rimmer (, March 15, 1999.


Land Core's Article

-- De (, March 15, 1999.

Thanks, Bay. A good example of why Westergaard is my first stop in the morning.

-- Brooks (, March 15, 1999.

please disregard...testing hotlink protocol


-- coprolith (, March 15, 1999.

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