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M.Ed. International Falls Partnership Cohort Governance Team Meeting Minutes January 22, 1999

Members Present: Terry Anderson, Mary Jean Menzel, Tim Everson and Timm Ringhofer.

General Discussion Discussion of thesis timelines and types of theses which are acceptable ensued. The syllabus was reviewed and will be updated based on the Governance Team's input. Assignments will be pushed back to accommodate the late arrival of the UTNE Reader. Mary Jean will talk to Kate & Karin.

Lane Changes September 1, 1999, is the deadline for cohort members to submit their official transcripts listing the grades earned for course work in anticipation of a lane change. The summer course EHS 5990 for 2-6 quarter credits needs to be graded rather than listed as an "Incomplete." Terry Anderson will propose to the M.Ed. Director that the International Falls M.Ed. students be allowed to receive a "C" grade for their summer thesis work so that they may receive their lane change. The "C" grade will be upgraded after the thesis is complete and approved by the M.Ed. Director. (*****confirmed and granted by the M.Ed. Director******)

Educational Computing & Technology Certificate/Concentration delivered live at Intl. Falls H.S. Our Certificate and computer training initiative started in December (12/28/98-12/31/98) with 15 students attending and the second course offering Educ 5413 will be offered on February 12-15th with Dr. David A. McCarthy, UMD Professor. The remaining courses will be offered summer 1999 in a condensed format. Talk to Tim Everson if you are interested.

UPDATE 3/15/99 The third course Educ 5414 will be offered during two weekends this Spring: April 10/11 and May 22/23/99 Saturday and Sunday. The last two courses are being slated for June, faculty hiring is pending.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jean Menzel M.Ed. Partnerships Program Coord. UCD/UMD 218/726-6938 3/15/99

-- Anonymous, March 15, 1999

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