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For those of us who anticipate barter items, or who have loved ones who enjoy nicotine, how do we stockpile cigarettes? Don't they get stale and yucky tasting after a month or so? No refrigeration, remember?

Would it be a good idea to store tobacco in some other form? Pipe tobacco? Doesn't that stuff come in tins? I can't tolerate chewing, so don't even think about that! Is pipe smoking more economical than cigarettes?

Is tobacco hard to grow? Hard to cure? Where to go for inf

-- housemouse (, March 15, 1999


Boy, for a person (me)who has just quit smoking 4 days ago, this is a tough question.....

It is best to refrigerate cigs to keep freshness of up to 6 months in storage. However, it would be in debate whether or not you should waste electricity or storage space on such a wretched product, barter or not.

Consider seeds, hand tools, labor, etc for barter, or choose tobacco (if you must)that is twisted and packed with barrier or freshness pouches (chew or pipe tobacco).

Next best thing, grow some plants.

Mr. K

-- Mr. Kennedy (, March 15, 1999.


We keep cigarette tobacco in cans and lots of packs of rolling papers.

When the tobacco gets dry, we put a little piece of apple inside the top of the can for a couple of days. That remoistens the tobacco just enough.

-- We (, March 15, 1999.

Pipe smoking sure costs my husband less...about $6 a month compared to 4 cartons of cigs at about $60 for the cost cutter type. Plus pipe smokers don't really smoke alot...just pack and puff and relight! He says it has really cut down on his nicotine cravings and plans to quit...notice he only smokes past meals any there is hope. I've been a smoker so know how hard it is to quit cold turkey or any other way.

-- MUTTI (windance, March 15, 1999.

Tops and Bugle Boy cigarette tobacco usually available at drug stores and supermarkets. Tops at least makes mentholated too. Papers included. Complaint from Old Dad in England (where ciggies are VERY expensive) is that tobacco shreds are too short, lit end falls of cigarettes. Also tobacco is strong, usually mixed with Turkish, be sure to buy filter thingies from tobacco specialty store. Little cigarette rolling machines by Rizla should still be available.

-- Old Git (, March 15, 1999.

How 'bout a humidor?

-- shimrod (, March 16, 1999.

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