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After driving 11 hours to get back home I went to my Home Center to get some more chains for my chain saw. I found out that McCullaugh chain saw business is going under,in fact Home Depot is clearancing every McCullaugh saw.

Is this old news or what ???

Have I been gone too long to not hear that this well known saw maker is out of business???

What's the deal ???

Anyone else having the same problem???


-- Furie (, March 14, 1999


In our neck of the woods, when we needed a part for our chain saw, we went to one home & garden shop, and were referred to a shop that specialized in McCullaugh equipment. Home Depot has never carried them here, that I can remember....Where did you get your info that they are going under? From the clerk or did you ask the company? At any rate, most of the replacement chains sold in stores are inter-brand models. thanks for the tip.

Got oil? Mary P.

-- MaryP. (, March 15, 1999.

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