IF gov'ts can't be sued - when y2k hits HOW are they going to administer services collect taxes?EY SUE

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we all know the rigamarol with INSURANCE companies saying they aren't covering y2k damages on their policy AND gov'ts protecting their ass against litigation as well AND courts saying that they will put a cap on cases coming to court

- but I am wondering

a) insurance companies - ALSO have investments , so what happens when the INSURANCE companies investments go SOUR are you telling me they WON't SUE ? (lol) in addition they are insured by INSURERS so what happens when THEIR systems crash OR their INVESTMENTs go sour won't THEY sue as well

b)gov'ts - they contract out a lot of their work , what happens when the gov'ts supplier or contractor goes out of business or CAN'T pay them ? are U telling me the GOV'T won't sue?

c) HOW can the courts put a CAP on litigation suits when every court house in this part of the world RUNS ON COMPUTERS !!! and when THEIR computers DON"T work HOW are they goning to keep track of y2k ,cases much less the regular cases they have now - go manual ? ( LOL)

the issue is interconnectivity if enough businesses go out of business this effect the companies that rely on those companies that's why gov't are trying to get small business to take y2k serious because - MOST MAJOR CORPORATIONS ARE SUPPLIES BY SMALLER COMPANIES AND IF THEY FAIL THE LARGER COMPANIES GO WITH THEM

as they say " IT's the little things in life you have to watch out for" related

-- sean (venturer@interlog.com), March 14, 1999


( a )The Insurance comps. will pull their investments and put them into hard assets. (Goodbye stock market) ( b )The government will drop them before y2k or, hold them accountable. ( c )The courts could go manual but be backloged for years. ( d )If the plankton dies, all life in the ocean will soon follow.

Got Prozac?

-- SCOTTY (BLehman202@aol.com), March 15, 1999.

I'm wondering why people should continue their insurance policies next year if these will refuse to cover "Y2K" related claims. From our experience in recent years with BlueCross, they are tough enough to collect from on justifiable claims. Can you imagine the impossibility of being asked to prove that a claim wasn't in some way Y2K-related?

Add to that the helping hand of the proposed legislation to limit the lawsuits. We are truly on our own, folks, and the end of the world as we know it really isn't off the mark, if one thinks of the world not as the physical place, but our nutsy "reality-construct" of i

-- housemouse (jgj@nevermind.net), March 15, 1999.

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