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Everybody "WANTS" (needs? Beggs?) to hear that the silver bullet has been found and we all are saved, "No Need to prepare, its all been fixed" NOT!

I do really believe if everyone has 1-3 months of food etal it may be surviable in the cities... I just wish the spinners would get the word out instead of telling everyone "it's all over, it's safe to come out now"

-- helium (, March 14, 1999


Sad to see how one erroneuos report out of LA gets compounded.

Begging for investigative reporters,

-- Watchful (, March 14, 1999.

Please see my article on the L.A. Times' coverage of Ed Yardeni's Y2K predictions by clicking here.


-- Scott Johnson (, March 15, 1999.

Interesting to watch the misinformation be taken as "gospel" by the pollys in the media. Wanna bet that in the case of misinformation of the "doom 'n gloom" type were getting spread around and the pollys knew it, there would be no end to the high-level fanfare to make the error known?

I doubt this one ever gets corrected in the public media. If a correction is ever run, the LA Times will bury it so deep, they'll put it at the end of the used car ads.


-- Wildweasel (, March 15, 1999.

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