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USDA - canning, meat preservation, water storage, how to info on food storage, pressure cookers and more (haven't read all of it yet). Some of it is in pdf format ... some in html ... and you can order the book on canning in hard copy.

My apologies if this has been posted before. (I admit I did not search the past postings)

Nevertheless, me thinks the new folks on this site wouldn't look backward either...and it's very important if you're going to make the effort to garden toward even a minimal level of self-sufficiency to learn the skills for preserving food for winter.

-- Shelia (, March 14, 1999


Duh, I guess the link would be helpful

-- Shelia (, March 14, 1999.


-- rb (, March 14, 1999.

Dear Shelia,

That site is paydirt!

It's posts like yours that make this forum worthwhile. Thanks!

-- GA Russell (, March 14, 1999.

I found the link in a post on GN's Food Storage forum. Here is another canning link I found earlier this year:

-- Shelia (, March 15, 1999.


Thanks for the super post. It sure is helpful.

-- Watchful (, March 15, 1999.

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