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Can anyone help me on this..? I have a problem of playing VCD on my computer. I've already download Xingmpeg player to play the vcd. But it cannot read the file (.dat). But other file, it can read and play it. I cannot play the vcd directly from my cd rom. What do I need to do..??

-- Ronald (, March 14, 1999


go to it'll tell you everything you need...

-- Jin Kyong Chang (, March 15, 1999.

Go to see Question "Are new vcd .dat files different?" dated 02 June 1999. The very clever Mr Lone Ranger has all the answers. Chances are that your "problem" .dat files are made recently in CHINA and are of the SVCD or DVCD type. They do not play on the PC computer. Your successful playable .dat files on XING player, are definitely correct type mpeg1 format.

-- Tomo (, June 04, 1999.

Go to see Question "My VCDs will not work, error message is enclosed..." dated April 16, 1999. I have given Dan a tip on how I have managed to get Xing 3.30 playing most .dat files from a VCD in rom drive. It has all to do with a file called Sci1hlp.vxd.

Try this method and see whether this is solves your problem.

-- Tomo (, June 07, 1999.

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