Hard Red Spring Wheat $12.00 a bag in New England:

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Hard Red Spring Wheat $12.00 a bag in New England: The best for bread baking. Triple cleaned (cleaner than most food grade wheat), better than 99.9 percent purity. Less than 12 percent moisture content. Bagged in 50-pound bags. Ready for you to grind into flour. Available in 15% protein. $14.00 5-9 bags, $13.00 10-19 bags, $12.00 20 plus bags. ***For 1-4 bags see below*** The wheat truck has arrived ... 6,000 lbs. of the 45,000lbs truck have not been sold. Please confirm how much you would like and if youre coming to pick it up. We will be at the storehouse March 27th 10:00 to 12:00

See you soon! Tom Villeneuve New England Storehouse 603-563-7070

Directions to Storehouse: 10 Hadley Road Jaffrey, NH From Jaffrey, NH take 202 north to Pierce Xing Rd north of Jaffrey about 1 mile past DD Bean Match Factory 1st right then quick right on Hadley Rd, up the road about 1 block up at the Dave Houston Co. Building From Peterborough, NH Take 202 south to Jaffrey. After you pass town line 2nd left Pierce Xing Rd, then quick right on to Hadley  1 block up at the Dave Houston Co. Building. 603-563-7070 Office 603-491-4092 or 603-387-5279 cell phones at Storehouse on Saturday only

*** If you need only a few bags, or dont want to wait for us then go to Colls Farm Stand in Jeffrey NH. They are just around the Conner from us left on Hadley not right. There is a sign when you make the turn. Colls is open 7 days a week and does have the same wheat (we whole sale it to them) for $15.00 a 50# bag.


-- Tom Villeneuve (villeneuve@nestorehouse.mv.com), March 14, 1999


You folks in New England are getting ripped off. Just last week here in Utah I paid $7.80 At my local grocery store. This is waltons double bagged and double cleaned hard red winter wheat! This is the price for one bag!

-- All prepared (Allprepared@fory2k.com), March 14, 1999.

Grocery stores sell hard red winter wheat? Where do you live? Was it a national chain? I've never seen such a thing in any store where I shop. Then again,...maybe I wasn't looking? Thanks in advance.

-- FM (vidprof@aol.com), March 14, 1999.

AllPrepared, come on now, you live in The Land Of The Prepared - the Mormons. I remember walking into a grocery store in Tremontin, Utah some years ago and seeing sacks of wheat next to a display of hand grinders, which was next to a kerosene lamp display. I've driven all over this country and I've never seen such a thing before or since, exept in Utah. I don't doubt that the prices are lower there than anywhere else in the country.

-- sparks (wireless@home.com), March 14, 1999.

All prepared Please UPS New England people some wheat for $7.80 a bag!!!Including shipping!! I'll take 40 bags. You could really bless us if you willing...

-- Tom Villeneuve (villeneuve@nestorehouse.mv.com), March 15, 1999.

Tom - I picked up a couple practice bags at Coll's (still haven't tested my grinder), and I appreciate it being available.

-- Brooks (brooksbie@hotmail.com), March 15, 1999.

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