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For all those who were told by Geniol, USA, that if they needed parts,..... but had to contact US to get them (if you bought a lantern from us), then I apologize for their unethical behavior.

BriteLyt does have parts (especially washers) and have another shipment of parts coming in. We are working on putting together parts kits for your convenience, and should you need to have them on supply. Also....I am working on getting a video (showing complete breakdown of the lantern, repair, and start-up), for your convenience. Please be patient, as this will take a little bit of time, getting copies made. We will offer this video for a low price, as we feel it would be beneficial to our clients to have this, beforehand, in the event we lose power later on.

The washers are in stock;however.....just a tid-bit. If you are not able to contact anyone (let's say you're out in the middle of nowhere), you are able to get ahold of a piece of leather. Just cut out the leather (it doesn't have to be perfectly round), punch a hole in the center, and put it on. Make sure it's rough around the top edges (the portion that rubs the inside of the plunger.....not underneath, where you put the nut to hold the washer on). Scrape your washers (take the grease off with WD-40 or whatever you have that'll do it).

Hope this helps, and again, we apologize for all those who tried to get washers, but were told they would have to contact us, if they bought from us. We don't care WHERE you bought your lantern or stove.....if you need help....we're here. No problem.

For those not familiar with us, please don't hesitate to contact us at 727-856-9245. By the way.....if you need technical support, contact "Eddie". 30-years experience. Also....he will call YOU back (no matter how long the process takes), so you can save your dime. Just e-mail him at (if you have that capability). If not...then just leave a message. He'll get with you as soon as possible.

Keep Smiling!!

Diana...BriteLyt 727-856-9245 727-856-7715 (fax)

-- Diana Clifton (, March 14, 1999


Sorry Diana,

This site is not for product promotion.

Keep well,

-- Watchful (, March 20, 1999.


You're outta line here. Diana has been posting helpful info for months here. And as you can see she's trying to help people who bought a lanter from SOMEONE ELSE.

I don't take this as a crass commercial for a product. Many people here have asked questions about petromax lanterns and other dealers who sell them.

I don't own any dam part of BriteLyt and have never even taked to any of them on the phone.


- Got Perspective?

-- Greybear (, March 20, 1999.

Greybear is right. Keep us updated Diana.

-- Robert (, March 21, 1999.

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