Uh How Do I kill Tyranid Armys?

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My friend plays tyranids and he always has this damn Hive Tyrant with vemon cannon(8 Shots a turn) and is beefed up with other shit. He also has 6 gargoyles, 6 termangnts, and 6 genestealers. He is going to get some carnifexes too. i can take out the termangants and genestealers ok with blast weapons and bolters of some kind, but the hive tyrant is one tough mother and with 4 wounds and reginerate it can be wuite a pain to dispatch. Any help would be just great. Oh and how can i keep my Dreadnought safe from harm besides not using it the game?

Chester J. Q-Cumber

-- Chester J. Q-Cumber (chuckndrew@hotmail.com), March 14, 1999


Hive Tyrant trouble? Well, just call the Orkin man. Long, long ago in a galaxy far far away, The Draconian expeditionary force met up with a horrendous Tyranid force. One day, while on a planetary patrol on Lexan VII, the Draconian 4th regiment, first mechanized company task force, found a strange meteor impact. Strangely, It seemed to be made of pure warp energy, and upon closer inspection, Geanstealers, termagants, and a carnifex spilled forth from what now apperared to be a tyranid version of a teleport homer.

The investigating fire team was duely slaughtered, as they were far too close to evade the quick and mercilles foes. However, The remaining platoon that was on the site opened fire, and killed all but five of the alien abominations. But the carnifex loomed behind them, ready to pounce on the platoon. Lascannons, Battlecannons, autocannons, and even laspistols poured into the hulk. After three turns of this, many men down, and two tanks overturned, the beast was finaly vanquished. HoW? Patience, and lots of ammo.

In your situation, wich I assume is a marine army is simple. You said dreadnaughts, I take that to mean more than one. You may have to do some modification, here. Most of the Dreadies have a close combat weapon. You're fighting the close combat masters, don't even bother. Slap on the multiple missile launcher. Npow keep them far far away, and fire, fire fire. Do the same with your tactical squads. Just hold your ground, give some if you have to. Take a devastator squad, or two. Don't bother with marine tanks, unless you have the vindicator, whirlwind, or annialator. Assault squads are useless, and so are bikes. Use land speeders as moblie harrasment. Pick on a flank, and run away. Characters should be firepower, and leadership based. A company standard, a combi weapon, you get the picture. Terminator squads are beutiful. Use them as a frist contact force to conserve numbers. They will take hits that would slaughter regular marines, and they are the only troop types you have that can counter the Bugs in hand to hand. Good luck, and don't Jam

-- Lt. Col. Williams (khaldonH@aol.com), March 14, 1999.

Use your superior speed to surround them (I say this because ANY army is faster than Tyranids), getting your close combat specialists in for the kill and keeping your Heavy Support units at the back shooting at the larger enemies. I once killed a Carnifex with Striking Scorpions without the beast even landing a blow on the aspect warriors.

-- Mike Connor (MikePconnor@hotmail.com), April 13, 1999.

How to kill Tyranids:

(Assuming you are a Marine player/2nd edition rules) First and foremost: DREADNOUGHTS !!! Equip them with Twin-linked lascannon & Assault Cannon each (I'm talking of at least three). Target his big buddies, preferrably Hive Tyrants (Lascannons) and Warriors (AssaultCannons) (You can target them despite smaller creatures in front) No living being can survive a hit from a twin-linked lascannon ! btw: Ravenwing landspeeders with their firepower come in handy (they are squads in 2nd Ed.) if you are a Dark Angel (like me) happy slaying, may they rest in pieces Niels

-- Niels Voigt (nvoigt@saz.net), April 19, 1999.

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