Words of Pessimism

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Unlike my post below of words of optimism, do any of you have quotes of pessimism. I have come across a few:

"Y2K could be the event that could all but paralyze the plant." Newsweek, June 2, 1997.

This problem will affect us all individually and collectively in very profound ways...It will indeed impact individual businesses and the global economy. In some cases, lives could even be at stake." Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology problem, February 25, 1999.

-- Lingo (Lingo@lingo.com), March 13, 1999


Since there's been some posts recently on Yardeni, I found this gem: "Let's stop pretending that the Y2K isn't a major threat to our way of life. There is too much at stake for such uniformed wishful thinking. Perhaps, the time has come as though we are preparing for a war. This may seem extreme and unnecessary. However, if we prepare for plausible worst-case Y2K scenarios, then perhaps we can avoid at least some of them." Ed Yardeni's keynote address to Bank of International Settlements, April 1998.

-- Cooper (Cooper@jon.com), March 13, 1999.

"My Y2K Outlook: A Year of Disruptions, A Decade of Depression."

Ed Yourdon

Another word for pessimism is realism.

-- @ (@@@.@), March 14, 1999.


I believe we're going to win; that is I think that civilization as we know it is not going to come to an end. It's a possibility. Possibility, if Y2K were this weekend instead of 76 weekends from now, it would.

[Senator Bob Bennett - July 15, 1998]

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), March 14, 1999.

"...10 percent of the nation's top executives are stockpiling canned goods, buying generators and even purchasing handguns..." The New York Times, Oct. 98.

..."there are 'catastrophic problems' in every GM plant." Ralph J. Szgenda, Chief Information Officer, General Motors, Fortune, April 27, 1998.

-- Carrey (Carrey@quotes.com), March 14, 1999.

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