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Morning Plenary from the March 11 briefing for Congregations, Non-Profits, Community groups

I have not listened to this recording, but will do so after I'm finished writing "what I saw".

Still trying to find a source for html transcript...


-- Critt Jarvis (, March 12, 1999


Koskinen starts at about the 29 minute mark...

This is rather tedious, huh?

- got html?


-- Critt Jarvis (, March 12, 1999.

Testing, testing , testing...

It seems as though the 16 minute mark is where Mr Koskinen ibegins.


-- Critt Jarvis (, March 12, 1999.

Meg Wheatley begins at the 1hour 4minute mark...

Did I mention that it might be good to have this in html format?


-- Critt Jarvis (, March 13, 1999.

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