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2 c. white flour 1 pkg dry yeast or a yeast cake, crumbled 2 scant c. water, (barely warm)

There are several ways to start a starter, but this is as good as any and not a difficult one. Just remember NOT to mix or store your sourdough starter in metal containers. 1. stir well 2 cups white flour, 2 scant cups water that is barely warm and 1 package dry yeast or a yeast cake, crumbled. 2. Set in a warm place (not TOO warm) or a closed cupboard overnight and allow to work. This is called the "sponge". 3. In the morning put 1/2 cup of the starter in a scalded pint jar with a tight cover and store in a cool place. This is your sourdough starter. The remaining batter can be used immediately in hot cakes, waffles, bread, cake or in other sourdough recipes.


-- Frank L. Fisher (, March 12, 1999

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