Time to Lighten Up, "Little Buddy"!!

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For those of you who could use some comic relief, this is for you.


The Ballad Of The Y2K

>(sing to the tune of "Gilligan's Island") >

>Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale >Of the doom that is our fate. >That started when programmers used >Two digits for a date >Two digits for a date > >RAM memory was smaller then; >Hard drives tiny, too. >"Four digits are extravagant, >So let's get by with two. >So let's get by with two." > >"This works through 1999," >The programmers did say. >"Unless we write new code by then >The data goes away. >The data goes away." > >But management had not a clue, >"It's fine for now, you bet! >Rewriting code cost money, >We won't do it just yet. >We won't do it just yet." > >Now when 2000 rolls around, >It all goes straight to hell, >For zero's less then ninety-nine, >As anyone can tell. >As anyone can tell. > >The mail won't bring your pension check, >It won't be sent to you >'Cause you're no longer sixty-eight >But minus thirty-two. >But minus thirty-two. > >The problems we're about to face >Are frightening, for sure. >And reading every line of code's >The only certain cure. >The only certain cure. > >[[key change, the big finish coming]] >There's not much time, there's too much code, >And COBOL-coders, few. >When the century is finished, >We may be finished, too. >We may be finished, too.

-- Roland (nottelling@nowhere.com), March 12, 1999


Sing-a-long fun!

-- Mutha Nachu (---@notalldoomersarevoidofhumor.com), March 12, 1999.

Hmm.... Roland, ever considered emailing this to Milne, North and Hamasaki. I'm sure they'd be--as Milne puts it-"ROTFLMAO-ing." Clever you.

-- FM (vidprof@aol.com), March 12, 1999.

FM -

Don't have above mentioned addresses...please forward if you do.



-- Roland (nottelling@nowhere.com), March 12, 1999.


That is hysterically humourous.

-- mabel (mabel_louise@yahoo.com), March 12, 1999.

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