ABC news' Mitch Ratcliff on live chat at Noon EST. Start posting questions now : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

From ABC News website:

"Get Y2K Ready

Y2K Expert Mitch Ratcliffe Answers Your Questions

Y2K consultant and journalist Mitch Ratcliffe, author of's Y2K Ready column, will answer your questions about the millennium bug on Friday, Mar. 12 at noon ET. Post your questions now!

Perhaps the more savy people here could put him to task? ;-)

-- Chris (, March 12, 1999



Thanks for the alert on Ratcliffe. I won't be able to send questions at that time myself but I'd hope his feet are put to the fire. As most everyone probably knows, good fodder can be found in Ed Yourdon's recent article Y2K and the Economy: Ratcliffe vs. Yourdon

-- Ron Rodgers (, March 12, 1999.

Regardless of the question, don't expect anything but spin from MR

-- Mitchell Barnes (, March 12, 1999.

"Y2K Expert Mitch Ratcliffe..."

"Y2K consultant and journalist Mitch Ratcliffe..."

Thanks for making my day, Chris. I needed a good laugh.

-- PNG (, March 12, 1999.

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