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Comments about a post today to Y2k Watch: A network administrator for one of the largest blood suppliers in the country said, "we are not y2k compliant and will not be compliant unless something changes verrrry soon! Mentions problems with FDA and lack of funds to upgrade. Needs minimum of 6 months to convert...

Karen Anderson says to approach y2k like eating an bite at a time. One of her tips is to have lots of fire extinguishers and first aid for burns. Baking soda will put out a stove fire.

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Got Polaroids?

-- rb (, March 12, 1999


We need more practical survival tips. Most of us if not all of us know y2k is going to "mess up our playhouse". Lets say we have an eight and you need to start grinding your wheat and corn. You set up your new fancy expensive grindamatic and it does not work. Murphys Law. You even read the instructions and it still will not work. It is now too late to put it where you would like to put it. So you must improvise....How about a 3 pipe grain mill? Use it to pound corn and wheat into meal & flour (greatly improving digestibility and avoiding the diarrhea and sore mouths that would result from eating large quantities of unground grain.


(1) Cut 3 lengths of pipe, each 30 inches long; 3/4-inch-diameter steel pipe.

(2) Cut the working ends of the pipe off squarely. Remove all roughness, leaving the full-wall thickness. Each working end should have the full diameter of the pipe.

Encircle each piece of pipe with cushioning, slip-preventing tape, string or cloth in 3 locations on the pipe.

(4) Tape or otherwise bind the 3 pipes into a secure bundle so that their working ends are as even as possible and are in the same plane resting evenly on a flat surface.

(5) Cut the top out of a large can. A 4" diameter 7-inch-high fruit-juice can is ideal. If you do not have a can, improvise, so you can keep the grain together while pounding.

Now its time to wash the clothes...grab a plumbers helper and a bucket or tub...and the wringer you bought at the janitoral store.

-- rb (, March 12, 1999.

Many survival items to make

-- legend (, March 12, 1999.

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