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... And I'll just delete these things after we're done with them unless there's something you think ought to be saved.

-- Anonymous, March 12, 1999



>Did you read that posting at o2k about making the forum Canada-wide?

Yeah... It got me to thinking about that "Trans-Canada" thing from a couple months back, and it got me to writing this note to the guy (which I haven't mailed, but - duh - could)...


"Just thinking if we got rid of the regionalism and created a Canadian board it would be a better common forum EH? Any comments?"

Hi. My name's Bill Dale. I'm the guy who helped put the Ontario 2000 site together with Gary Halonen. I'd be happy to set up a simple "Canada-wide" explanatory web page ("This is a forum for the discussion of y2k" blah and blah "Click here") and forum if you think you could generate activity on it...

Gary and I discussed doing something like that a couple months ago, but the process of "inspiring people" to participate can be a little tricky. But if you think there'd be interest, and have any ideas on how to foster it (without driving yourself crazy), let me know and we can discuss it more...

Until later, Bill

Thinking I could just send him this note, see what he says (about being willing to "push it"). Thought if he responded favorably, I'd go into a little explanation about how I'd provide it/administer it as a public service, but how I'd like to get a system like Ontario 2000 established in every province (and community) from sea to shining sea. That I'd want to put a little blurb and link to a promo page on that "explanatory" page, goal being to get a network established in Canada.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 1999

Bill. I thought about just saying, "Fuck it", I may as well go Canada-wide with o2k but then I realized that would be counter- productive of having local sites set up.

Look how o2k get's ignored because the area is too large and diverse. Besides if it was too successful (contributions from all over the bloody place) and people communicating via o2k, they wouldn't feel the need to have a site.

The guy sees a need for local input. Solution. Buy a site and set one up. Don't con someone else to turn over their system to them. A slightly different version than Terry's ploy, one site embracing everyone.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 1999

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