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Actually I have a question. My question is I am getting ready to register for my first Doula training workshop in Phila., PA on March 25 and 26th. Before I register I think I need to be reassured that there is "work" out there for us, Doula's. I am so excited about beginning my new endeavor but I wish I could have some advice/support from someone out there! Thank you debbie fleming

-- debbie fleming (, February 28, 1999.

-- debbie fleming (, March 11, 1999


In answer to Debbie fleming's ? You'll be suprised at how quickly word gets around that there is a trained doula in the area. A lot of your work will come by word of mouth, from satisfied clients. The whole new field of labor assistants is growing rapidly and the word "doula" will be as commonplace as "childbirth educator" in the near future! If you really feel your call is to serve women in labor then go for it! You'll be blessed!

-- Leslie Parish (, March 11, 1999.

Like any service one provides to a community or city, advertising is important. Probably the most important advertising I've noticed working for my wife is word-of-mouth.

There indeed were days at first when she wondered if she would ever get to go to many births, but not anymore I tell you!

Kirsten has gone to, and continues to go to, many unpaid volunteer births as a way to gain exposure and help people who are in dire need of assistance. I am sure you can find similiar opportunities to assist in your community also, tbrough youth centers and youth assistance agencies.

She also has given many talks to childbirth education classes, and this has led to many opportunities both paid and unpaid for her.

Remember that an "unpaid" birth for a doula pays other very real dividends -- grateful parents, exposure to the doctors and nurses in your area hospitals, credit towards certifications, and of course more "mouths" for your word-of-mouth advertising.

Also, Kirsten is also always "networking" with other doulas -- Lunch meetings with other area doulas, helping attend booths at local hospital functions, etc.

I believe this is a formula for inevitable success as a doula, as you achieve a name in your community, expect to hear from people increasingly often.

-- Mike C (, March 13, 1999.

I too, beleive that if this is something your heart truly wants you to do than you can not fail. It's inevitable. Fallow your dreams - they are your heart's calling. I also wanted to ad that in addition to the benefits Mike listed regarding volunteer births - it's good "karma". Call it what you will, but for every volunteer birth I do, I get a paid birth. Never fails. Service is a lost art. I get so much more back than what I give out...

-- Lesley Nelson (, March 27, 1999.

Doula's are fast becomming a big part of the bitrh team in maby areas. I have been in private pratice for 5 years and my business is booming (LOL like as in baby boomimg) once you are certified you can do a press release and and make personal contact with childbirth educators, Dr.s, Midwives and Peds..... But be careful to start slow unless you have lots of help you could get over whelmed !! congarts on your choice to jion a profession tha reeps many rewards in many many diffrent ways, For me still the greastest reward is the honor of bieng invited to a birth and helping a new life come into the world!! Its awsome!!! Best of luck, Cindi

-- Cindi howard- castle (, April 19, 1999.

I must admit, this question has been in my mind and allowing fear of not obtaining clients keep me from moving forward. I want to thank all of you who posted to the original question because it has made me more confident!! Thanx!


-- Joan (, February 04, 2002.

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