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Hi all. Please forgive me if this is a duplicate. I cant find what Iam looking for in archive (if any can provide a link please do so) But, do any wish to share some good recipes for cookstove (propane) i just printed one on beansoup from another site. any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.


-- consumer (, March 11, 1999


got beans?

-- rb (, March 11, 1999.

Got industrial size Beano?

-- newbiebutnodummy (, March 11, 1999.

46,360 recipes .... check out anish-nah-be pakwejigan..native american bread.


-- ronbanks (, March 11, 1999.

Thanks to all....opps almost forgot the beano.

-- consumer (, March 12, 1999.

Hi Consumer! No recipe, just a wish for a wonderful trip to Niagara Falls! Be sure and cross over to see the falls from the Canadian side, too. They're beautiful!

-- Gayla Dunbar (, March 12, 1999.

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