Kalamazoo, Michigan report: Neighborhood preparedness meeting

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There was a meeting of the (for lack of a better term) coordinating committee for the Calhoun/Kalamazoo/Van Buren county area of Michigan last night. Fifteen people attended, out of the 400 who were at the general meeting two weeks ago.

After the usual introductions, etc., we finally came to the thorny problem: what level of preparedness are we aiming for? How bad do we expect it to get?

It turned out that the great majority are basically in line with Ed's educated guess: a year of unpredictable disruptions, followed by a depression of indeterminate length. Most of these people were not familiar with Ed Yourdon (I asked) so this was arrived at independently.

It was a great relief to be able to discuss these issues without fearing scorn or ridicule.

We will be meeting at least monthly to coordinate neighborhood preps. There will be another general meeting on March 24th, you must call The Forum at 616-337-7002 to reserve a seat. They already have 350 attendees and the most they can accomodate is 500.

We do not expect to motivate more than 10% (at best) of our general population to make any significant preparations, but that *may* be enough to ward off chaos.

On a personal note, my house purchase out of town was signed last night, so I am, indeed,

Moving to the country.

-- Jon Williamson (jwilliamson003@sprintmail.com), March 11, 1999


Congrats to you on your move.

-- (cannot-say@this.time), March 11, 1999.

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