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In the March issue of The Business Times of Colorado, Public Service Co. of Colorado rep. states: "We really anticipate this whole thing is going to be a non-event for our customers." He continues, Pub. Svce has been working for three years on replacing computer chips, rewriting computer programming and checking with suppliers and other utilities to make sure electricity and natural gas service aren't interrupted because of Y2k problems. About 300 people are involved in the project...only about 3 percent of embedded chips were found to have potential on chips involved in critical functions should be completed by June. Programmers are going through 20 million lines of code...some of the original programmers were brought out of retirement. Completion expected by end of March. Public Service has been working with coal mining companies, railroads, and telecom businesses to make sure they're ready. A 20- to 50-day supply of coal normally is maintained at coal-fired plants and that stockpile will be increased slightly. Conclusion: "I think it's going well. We really do not anticipate power outages...we're well prepared and addressing the right issues and testing everything."

Cheery message for today; maybe our ski lifts will run after all.

-- Jolet (, March 10, 1999


Makes you wonder where all these cheery little messengers were lurking when the Senate was requesting utility status reports.

All our business leaders working in wierd and wonderful ways.

Skis at the ready and ski lifts here we come in the Year 2000.

-- Cheery (, March 10, 1999.

BUT, will they isolate from the grid if need be? That is a question they have not agreed to answer even on the phone. Since approximately 80% of the fuel they use for power is coal, that is better than natural gas, much better. The big question will be if they will be able to transmit power to all of the mountain towns if the grid poses a problem for them. You are right. It is encouraging news, nonetheless!

-- M. Annie (mountain, March 10, 1999.

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