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Mini Research Proposal Respectfully Submitted by: Karen Swenson, Dawn Schindeldecker, Beth Cramer and Kim McDonald In 1996, the multiage classrooms at Falls Elementary School were awarded a $70,000.00 grant from the Center for School Change. One year later, the Center for Reducing Rural Violence opened up grant applications to the Center for School Change grantees. The teachers recognized the need for a violence prevention program, which would create a school climate where students feel safe. Consequently, a committee of students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members was established to observe and assess the level of need. After previewing several programs, the committee chose to submit a grant proposal for training teachers in Koochiching county to implement the "Responsive Classroom" approach.

The "Responsive Classroom" brings together academic curriculum based on developmentally appropriate practices and a social curriculum that builds a caring, respectful community. In respectful and proactive ways, children are taught expectations for behavior, care for themselves, each other and their materials and the skills necessary to be independent and motivated learners. Children are involved in the process in such a way that they feel an ownership and responsibility for the management and ethical behavior that is established.

The focus of our research will center on the following question. Will the "Responsive Classroom" social skills program decrease inappropriate behavior in sixth grade students?

Research has shown that the "Responsive Classroom" approach has had a positive impact on social and academic behavior, while decreasing problem behaviors. (According to the Northeast Foundation for Children)

At the present time we intend to replicate the studies currently being conducted by the Northeast Foundation for Children using the Social Skills Rating System (SSRS, Gresham and Elliot, 1990), Students Social Skills Scale (SSSS, Nolten, 1994), the Responsive Classroom Usage Checklist (Elliot, 1993) and the Responsive Classroom Questionnaire (Elliot, 1994). We will determine our exact methodology upon the completion of our review of the reliability, validity and availability of these instruments.

The results of our thesis study will be used by Independent School District #361 and the Center for Reducing Rural Violence Committee to measure the effectiveness of the "Responsive Classroom" approach in International Falls.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 1999

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