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The local rag, Coast Weekly, has run specials over the past two weeks, on Y2K. There have also been a number of community meetings on personal and community preparadness. Not that this means that I'm not going to prepare my family, as I have been, but I find it very encouraging that it will not be TEOTWAWKI, at least not around here. If someone has time, could you surf over there, and tell me if I'm getting my hopes up.

-- Annie O'Dea (, March 10, 1999


Coast Weekly

-- Tod (, March 10, 1999.

A recent Scripps Howard poll in Texas showed that more people
are worried about ATM machines and banks failing than about
nationwide power outages or even planes falling out of the sky.

At first, I thought that this was satire. Then, I realized that they were serious about the plane-falling worries.

In a nutshell, you can do a lot better by doing your own investigation via the Internet, tracing down references, etc. Good luck.

-- Jack (, March 10, 1999.


The fact that Y2K information is being covered by the Monterey Coast Weekly is significant. (I used to live in Carmel). Even if the investigative reporters do take the stance that all will be well, they forget that nothing works, even fixed computers, without power.

From Bank On It 03/04/99 ...

... Monterey County Bank has completed its tests, and is now validating the results. "So far, everything is looking good," Herrera states with confidence.

But unexpected problems can crop up, so most banks are drawing up detailed contingency plans, as well. "We don't believe PG&E won't be able to provide electricity, but we have plans in place just in case that happens," Herrera says. "We might have to post deposits manually, and we'll be ready. Even in a disaster scenario, we'll be up and running."  ...

From Millennium Munchies 03/04/99 ...

... Whether or not business will continue as usual in the food biz and beyond also depends largely on PG&E's success in overcoming its Y2K issues. If power goes out, business could shut down. Indeed, a PG& E representative told Coast Weekly last week that periodic power interruptions could occur. Should that happen, operations capable of running on generator power will have the advantage.  ...

Youre on the PG&Es electrical system. See their latest statement ...

PG&E's Y2K Statement In Latest Bill (& California Energy Links) 000aVy

Then get ready ... for anything.

Got Water? (Locate the natural springs in and around Carmel Valley, et. al.)


-- Diane J. Squire (, March 10, 1999.

You are getting your hopes up.

I TRY not to look at everything super-negatively, but the posts at that site are pretty standard. While there IS some good news, most of it just says "Yep, we're all ready" ...., with no documentation or backing.

The store that spent "2 hours" fixing their Y2K is probably sadly mistaken. Try reading Ed Yardeni's on-line book if you want "hard data". He, and of course Yourdon, are not dummies --- which is what they'd have to be if the problem were this simple. Saying that you find these articles "very encouraging" seems well overboard on the optimistic side.

Keep hoping, and preparing. Good Luck.

-- Jon Johnson (, March 10, 1999.

Wow, thats quite a "rag", love those personal ads (I guess thats California for you). Maybe I'll do an ISO lesbo mudwrestlers, see what what happens....

-- King of Spain (, March 10, 1999.

Hold on a minute. I think people have goten the idea that I'm reading these articles and giving up on my preparations. Not a chance. I have a pantry full of goods, and a rotation system, I have water storage tanks, they're installing the solar system the end of the month, my amazingly helpful Dr is helping my put up a store of prescriptions, etc. etc.....I'm taking care of my family. What I got from the Coast Weekly articles is that the community is aware and that other are also preparing. I KNOW I'll survive, I now also have hope that my community, working together, will as well.

As for the county at large, uhhh.......

-- Annie O'Dea (, March 11, 1999.

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