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With the many regulars that are now on this forum, wouldn't it be more time saving and prudent to divide up the many resources each of us search on a daily basis and allow each person or couple of people to start searching specific news, web sites, etc. and report back here.

Many times we will see the same article posted several times. There are many research hours spent daily on this forum. It is a waste of time for several people to be searching the same sites and reporting the same information.

Those same hours could be used more efficiently if we were more organized with our research. As time goes by, we will be seeing more reports, news coverage, and information about Y2k. To keep up with all of it, organization will have to take place or we will have hundreds of threads daily.

I am spending more time reading all the threads but at the same time, I feel I am still missing currant information. So what do you think or is this too much of an undertaking?

-- Linda A. (, March 10, 1999


I think it's a great idea, but to be really efficient, we'd need "beats," i.e., sort of the way Scary Gary's site (Gary North) is organized. Who's gonna be the "assignment editor?"--or will the volunteers come forth?

I'll check back and see what emerges.


-- FM (, March 10, 1999.


Great idea. Where do I sign up?

-- Deborah (, March 10, 1999.

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