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hi, in previous threads i was asked about the Y2K awareness in The Netherlands and some more info on Y2K status over here. I know the awareness is very low in The Netherlands because I've been involved in organizing a seminar with subject: Y2K contingency planning and crisismanagement. We had to cancel the seminar because of an extreem low response rate (0.2%) Reactions such as: we have new PC's so everthing is fine, this Y2K thing is totally overblown, etc. we targetted on DMU's of medium sized companies.

The Dutch Millennium Platform's main objective is to control the public reaction. (kind of Koskinens club) Offical statements such as: no need to stockpile anything, all key sectors will be fine (no garantuee offcourse). I have regularly send mail to them. On the other hand: I've talked to insiders who are working on high levels in Y2K projects within the government and they are preparing for the worst. There are even plans for confiscating trucks that can store liquids for water distribution in case the water supply breaks down. These trucks will be placed in strategic places throughout cities. I know this is not first hand information with hard evidence but it was on a sheet which was presented during a closed seminar for government people only.

Now, to give you some bold facts which are presented on the dutch Millennium Platform website. A recent report from the Dutch Central Bank shows that 75% of the Dutch banks will not meet the deadline for remediation which was set by the Central Bank. Another astounding fact is that 66% of the Dutch banks stated that the deadline for completion of testing will not be met.

However (and now comes the big PR spin): all banks expect to finish their Y2K projects in time. This is mentioned as the conclusion of the report and this was also taken over by a lot of journalists.No need to take your money out of the bank because everything will be fine.

I guess only a very limited number of people took the time to read the entire report which says something different than the conclusion. This reminds me of the US senate report.

Robert from The Netherlands

-- robert (, March 09, 1999.

-- robert (, March 09, 1999


Robert; Thanks for your response. Is Mr. Jan Timmers still leading the Netherland Government's Y2K Project?

-- Watchful (, March 09, 1999.

yes. FYI: Jan Timmers image in The Netherlands is not so good as many foreigners believe. How shall I say?...The prince who killed the king. His sucessor at Philips made him intentionally look as an old-fashioned, provincial- type manager which made a lot of bad decisions (which the new CEO has to correct). Thats the reason why Jan Timmer was not appointed as chairman of the board, which was originally the plan. After this mess, he became chairman of the Millennium Platform and he reports to Wim Kok, Prime Minister of The Netherlands


-- robert (, March 09, 1999.

Robert; Thanks for your further response about Jan Timmers et el. I wish you well in that beutiful country. Please keep in touch with this forum and let us know more about what you discover.Keep well. Dag.

-- Watchful (, March 09, 1999.

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