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State may urge Y2K kit in homes

March 7, 1999


SPRINGFIELD--Only one in four agencies in Illinois is fully prepared for the Year 2000 computer bug, and the state may encourage residents to put together Y2K ``preparedness kits'' later this year.

The developments came as Gov. Ryan moved to get a tighter grip on the state's efforts to ready itself for potential computer problems linked to the turn of the millennium nine months away.

A report released by Ryan's office Friday said only 16 of 64 state agencies are fully Y2K-compliant. Thirty-one agencies reported having their most critical computer systems in compliance.

``This report covers the last three months of 1998 and shows that most state agencies still have a long way to go,'' Ryan said in a statement.

The Illinois Emergency Services Agency is preparing a response plan to present to Ryan May 1 that may include a proposal for residents to have short-term ``preparedness kits'' on hand as 2000 approaches.

Just as Illinoisans should have such kits in their homes for the winter or spring storm seasons, Emergency Services Director Mike Chamness said the agency may recommend the same approach for Y2K. But he was careful to point out that there is no evidence of any looming calamity that would require the kits' use.

``It's just a commonsense approach to living in Illinois,'' he said. ``I think the same thing should be done for Y2K.''

The kits Chamness envisions would include 72 hours' worth of ``nonperishable food, bottled water, a flashlight, a battery-operated radio, necessary medications.''

As for the state's effort to be prepared, the Department of Children and Family Services is among those lagging furthest behind. DCFS has only 45 percent of its critical computer equipment ready for 2000, the report said.


-- Kevin (, March 09, 1999


"This 'warning' is issued at all border crossings--correct?

-- Outlander (, March 09, 1999.

Once again, it's this "three days" crap. To most this means don't prepare, everything will be fine in 3 days.

-- Bill (, March 09, 1999.

Are there only three days of reserves to care for the Governor?

-- Watchful (, March 09, 1999.


Hey thanks for posting that, there's nothing like the net when your print version is buried under 3 ft snowdrifts(somewhere).


ROTFL (Just please don't lock us in)

-- Deborah (, March 09, 1999.

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