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Today I visited Costco for the first time in many years... It is hard to think that the supply line is in danger... When I was a kid in the midwest (late 50's) we did not have the plethera of goods that are now available.... But I was reminded of things to come this evening as I spoke with my dad on the phone... The weathermen had been predicting a BAD WINTER STORM for Iowa last night... Not listening, dad went to the store at 5pm, the bread and canned goods were gone..... So much for preparing for a "winter storm".... This may be a much bigger problem than anyone really will admit..... I am a GI and want to pass the word.......

-- helium (, March 08, 1999


I am prepared for the storm, how long it will last is the problem.

-- bardou (, March 08, 1999.

I'm sitting here tonight with 9 inches of new snow on the ground. Strong winds. The driveway is currently blown shut with large drifts and we won't be going anywhere until this lets up a bit and we have a chance to dig out tomorrow. But we had a nice supper tonight, a warm fire and once again, our Y2K preparations pay off in a small but not insignificant way. No standing in long lines. No fighting for bread and milk. Just a short trip to the basement and all is well.

The electricity has not gone out but if it does, we'll handle that too. We've got water, food, heat, light and shelter from the storm.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on this forum who have helped in both little and large ways to make our household just a bit more self-reliant.

- Arnie in Iowa, enjoying the payoff. Where the small rocks are now bouncing off harmlessly. We are, however, still prepping like crazy for the large rocks.

-- Arnie Rimmer (, March 09, 1999.

Being prepared for ANY form of service outages just makes sense. Here in the Southwest, it is harder for people to "get it", because our worst natural disaster is wind. But if you look at people who live in tornado alley, or along the southeast coastline, they GI a lot easier, as they have had more experience.

As for me and mine, we are prepared for one month of continuous, or six to twelve months of interrupted disruptions... it just makes sense...

The Dog

-- dog (, March 09, 1999.

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