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I'm putting in some MRC AD-310s for a friend. I use a Digitrax chief, and finally figured out (it takes me a while sometimes) that the reason the decoders wouldn't run the loco was that the MRCs don't recognize more than 28 steps. So, status edit to 28 steps, and the loco runs. Now my question--the lites still do not operate even in 28 step mode--I have to status edit down to 14 step mode, or program the decoder to 14 step mode to get the lites to work! Very unsat! Is it me or is it MRC??

-- Larry Keller (, March 08, 1999


I've seen this one before on one of the many Q&A boards. MRC decoders are indeed about as basic as you can get. The lights work properly only in the 14 step mode. My personal choice is NCE/Wangrow decoders for the most bang/$. Vote with your $$. Send a note to MRC and tell 'em why.

-- Don Vollrath (, April 14, 1999.

Hi, I have 5 MRC ho decoders and one N scale MRC decoder and I use 28 step and the lights work properly. I have the Command 2000 controler.

-- Gordon P. Hulford (, April 15, 1999.

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