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A store is closing in my area. The owner had three cookstoves. Now he has one. It is a white enamel with 4 burners and a water reservior. The price is $750. I saw it when I went to purchase parts for mine. It is in very good condition. I also know where there is one at the local flea market. It is black with silver and has a side for burning wood and a side to hook up gas or propane or something. The guy was asking $1000. These are both in Kentucky, if anyone is close and interested.

-- Linda A. (, March 08, 1999



First stove sold yet?

-- I just (, March 09, 1999.

First stove,,,,E.A.Cohen, a store going out of business in Greenville Kentucky. Phone 502 338 3440

Second stove was at a flea market in Greenville Kentucky. Flea market, largest in Ky., is open every Tuesday. people come from other states as vendors and customers. It has everything from shoes, brid houses, dogs, chickens, rabbits, antiques, fresh veggies, clothing both new and used, and anything else you can imagine. Owner of the flea market is Luke Robinson. The owner of the black and silver stove has a permanent location at he flea market and you could probably get his name from calling Mr. Robinson.

-- Linda A. (, March 09, 1999.

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