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heres a question or three for everyone... 1) it says it the chaos codex that an aspiring champion can take any items from the wargear section. as marks of chaos come from the wargear section does that mean that an aspiring champion in say a khorne bezerker squad could have a mark of nurgle? personally i dont think so as this would be stupid in the extreme (and extreme were a very stupid band)but as far as i can tell there is nothing to stop you doing this. the wargear section (again) a chaos icon can enslave a unit of demons to it, but this is for undivided troops only. therefore does a blasted standard (and rage etc) have the same abilities as an icon and its special rule or just its own. further more does this mean that if you had a retinue of, say, plague marines then if they took an icon then it cannot be a "chaos icon" and must be a "plague banner" yours puzzledly...JEZ

-- Anonymous, March 08, 1999


1)Only a false follower of the true Gods would consider giving his aspiring champion of KHORNE the mark of another God. Anyone who does this should be thrown to the FLESH HOUNDS to be torn to pieces. 2)NO! The Chaos Icon is a special 'banner' and this is its special ability.The Plague banner,Rapturous standard,and the Blasted standard all have their own special rules.If they could summon demons they would be too powerful.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 1999

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