Y2K community in So. Oregon Forming

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My husband and I are presently looking for property in Southern Oregon as a Y2K retreat. We are specifically looking at 10-20 acres with a good water source that is isolated. We would like like-minded folks trying to escape the City because of Y2K to join us. My goal is to have a small community with people who are interested in the environment, racially tolerant, religiously tolerant, who believe that community is the only solution for post Y2K society. We are especially interested in families with children and anyone with any kind of farming skills. Our family consists of: Three adults ages 42-50. Three children ages 5, 7 and 14 and two old ladies, ages 76 and 84. My husband is a tool maker by trade. He is extremely handy, can build, repair and fix anything. My friend Julie is an certified nutritionist and herbologist specializing in treating children with altnerative medince. I am a parttime yoga instructor. We don't have much time left to get this community off the ground. If you think you would be interested in becoming part of our community, please contact me either by phone (619) 263-5203 or e-mail. Thanks, Deborah Giraud

-- Deborah Giraud (idoyoga@earthlink.net), March 08, 1999

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