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Y2K Community Action Network

A Y2K community preparedness network for the UK and Ireland

"Prepared but not scared

1.About Y2K Community Action Network

2.Resources (UK-based

Leaflet for the general public

UK Y2K web sites

Mailing lists

Leaflet for church leaders


3.Community preparedness links with general resources for local Y2K community preparedness groups.

4.Intellectual ammunition for breaking through denial and proving this is for real: Official and reputable organisations advise stocking up on supplies and/or preparing in other ways for Y2K.

Overall consensus: Prepare for Y2K as you would for an approaching storm or hurricane, with a few days' worth of extra food and supplies, and alternative lighting and heating.

5.More intellectual ammunition from non-official but knowledgeable sources: community preparedness leaders and other experts in the USA.

6.Background articles on the impact of Y2K on communities: Links to articles for those new to Y2K, and for those who want to reflect on its wider implications.

7.A background briefing by Trend Monitor.

8.The recent gas cut in Victoria, Australia: a possible scenario for Y2K? Jennifer Plant's account of life under a cut in gas.

"The greatest antidote to worry, whether you're getting ready for spaceflight or facing a problem of daily life, is preparation ... the more you try to envision what might happen and what your best response and options are, the more you are able to allay your fears about the future."

Senator John Glenn

-- Old Git (, March 08, 1999


Old Git; Great post! Quote from John Glenn is right on. Thanks,

-- Watchful (, March 08, 1999.

Thanks, Old Git.

Will take a look. -- Diane



-- Diane J. Squire (, March 08, 1999.

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